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Book Sessions Below

I run educational creative sessions that you can see more details of below and in my portfolio page. 

These sessions are called "Doodle Journals" and the other "LGBT+ History". 

Doodle journals consists of an hour long session discussing colour theory, mark making, mental health, and how to articulate your feelings.

LGBTQ+ history is a session dedicated Scottish history based on a co-created artwork. 
There is a contact email below and forms on various pages throughout this website if you have any questions.


For sessional work please email on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

T-Spring Merchandise

Hoodies, T-shirts, Masks and more...

As an artist striving to raise awareness for issues of the day, in particular mental health. I have created a line of products featuring my artwork that I hope will spread the word.It's okay not to be okay.You are not alone.Stay strong.

Digital Downloads Below

Below you can purchase digital versions of my artwork for you to print yourself. 

This makes my artwork more accessible for those who can't afford to buy prints.

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