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Welcome to my professional Artist resume. Listing my qualifications, exhibition history and other achievements in the arts. Get in touch for more information.



Lou (Louisa) Carberry

I am a contemporary artist with a variety of skill sets. Ranging from installation to fine art drawing.

I am currently sitting my BA(hons) in Art and Design with Stirling University after 4 years with Forth Valley College.

Outwith studying I take on commissions, exhibition opportunities and I work with variety of youth services doing creative sessions.

This has increased my presence as a practicing artist and hopefully will lead to more opportunities like below.

December 3rd 2021

Made in Stirling Exhibition

BA(Hons) end of year class showcase. M first exhibition within the gallery space in Mae in Stirling. 
The artwork submitted is a concept sculpture dedicated to my time with Beechgrove Gardens and the Wimpy Park.

3rd August- Ongoing

Beechgrove Gardens

I have undertaken a variety of tasks whilsts taking part in the Beechgrove Gardens special. This includes designing the walled garden that is the Wimpy Park. Working collaboratively with Lynn Hill, a garden designer form the show. Also learning how to manage a team and condense ideas from a wide range and number of people into one streamlined drawing making the community group happy. There has also been on screen presenting allowing me to gain more skill in front of the camera rather than behind one.

10th August- Ongoing

Artlink Central- Flyway Exhibition

A mental health exhibition in both Shanghai and the Forth Valley Royal Hospital. Split between china and Scotland I have been so lucky to have work displayed within an exhibition dedicated to the destigmatisation of Mental illness.

7th July- 7th August 2021

Wimpy Park Project

A volunteering opportunity with Clackmannanshire council painting benches and planters within the Wimpy Park. This involves working with a variety of council staff and youth groups of ranging ages. Teaching me how to create with young peoples collaborations in mind and how to lead in group situations. This will brighten the areas and allow the groups working from the park because of the Covid-19 restrictions to be in a more stimulating environment.

5th july 2021- ongoing 

Macroberts Arthouse

The epic arts open call for the arts center 2021. A drawing featuring friends hugging after the legalization of hugs in the lifting of restrictions. My first show on the uni campus before I attend in september.

11th June 2021- ongoing

Online Degree Showcase

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions my last showcase with Forth Valley College was moved online. The work featured is my Body Dysmorphia major and minor.

21st May- 11th July 2021

Tolbooth Stirling

Displaying within the Foyer of the Tolbooth Stirling. As the degree show has been moved online due to the restrictions of Covid-19 I reached out to the Tolbooth. Thanks to the success of the Street Stories project I was given space within the venue to display two large scale drawings dedicated to body dysmorphia and its effects. This is my first solo exhibition and having this starting point in my career is a blessing.

15th April 2021- ongoing

Street Stories Project Stirling

This project features 4 out of the 7 Reaching Out drawings with an augmented reality aspect. 

They feature on an empty store front in Stirling city center as a way to improve the city center after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many store were forced to close leaving the cit looking bare and depleted.

My artwork gives thanks to the NHS mental health services based in Stirling for saving my life. It also shows those viewing the work they are not alone, giving the viewers access to a mental health helpline.

November 28th, 2019

Clacks Youth Voice Event

My first opportunity to show my work as an artist within my local community. I reached out to the organiser of the event and was given space for two pieces of work. I showcased my "reaching out" series alongside my "have a peek" environment. This event was a wonderful opportunity to gain contacts and see what other organisations ran within the area that could help me as an artist.

November 12th - 21st, 2019

Tollbooth Stirling Class Exhibition

My first group exhibition, held with my HND Contemporary Arts classmates. This was a big learning curve teaching me how to communicate with my team and those running a venue. It was also the most amazing feeling having my work within a gallery space for the first time. I realized very quickly that though the process and set up was stressful, I want to do this again, as many times as I can.

September 2018- June 2020

HND Contemporary Art Practice 

During my time studying at forth valley college I have gained a wide range of skills and technique. Such as, printmaking processes, sculpture techniques, photography and other digital skills. Alongside the ability to work with others and take criticism in a constructive manner. I achieved an A in each year of study which allowed me to progress to the BA degree this year.

April 26th 2018

 Stirling Castle Class Exhibition

My very first exhibition as a student. We were so lucky to have our work displayed within the Cathedral on the grounds of Stirling Castle.

Throughout my education I have achieved a great deal. Gaining recognition within my local communities through public displays, community work and exhibitions. All of which has given me skills that I will continue using as I begin my career as an artist.

Working publicly and with young people are very different experiences but both paths are very rewarding. I strive to continue reaching for both community projects and commissioned public displays.


Portfolio of Exhibitions

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