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Presenting Lou Carberry Art

Welcome to my professional Artist resume. Listing my qualifications, exhibition history and other achievements in the arts. Get in touch for more information.


Lou Carberry

I am a contemporary artist with a variety of skill sets. Ranging from installation to fine art drawing.

A graduate from Stirling University with a BA(Hons) Degree in Art and Design after 4 years with Forth Valley College specializing in Contemporary Arts.

Both during my studies and afterwards I have taken on large scale commissions, public exhibitions and any other opportunities I can be a part of. I also work with variety of youth services since graduating doing creative sessions and general youth work trying to make a difference in my local community.

16th September -23rd October 2023

Mural Project at Connect Alloa

This project was from a grant called "Step into the arts" . A fund from Youth Scotland for those interested in art under the age of 25.

This isn't a huge pot of money but It has allowed me to gain more confidence in my abbilities in co-creation. I have spent the last month creating and running sessions with the young people from Connect Alloa prior to our murals going on the walls. I collected their ideas and came up with initial sketches that then we fed back t the young people. They gave critique and the mural ideas were adapted to fit their needs and desires. 

The young people who helped design the murals are now going to help spray paint them onto the walls of the Connect building.

The murals will be finalized and neatened up if need be by myself and my colleague. 

May 9th 2023

Stirling Castle Creative Consultation

I was asked to create a way for young people to be involved in the redesign of some areas on the grounds of Stirling Castle. 

This project involved redrawing and simplifying a floor plan so that young people could visualize and understand what they were seeing. 

I also created a treasure hunt for the young people and designed a hand out to go along with this projcet. 

November 4th 2022- present

50 years of LGBT+ History Session 

My first session with the LGBT history interactive artwork created from the youth artists bursary run by Cliftops Projects.

This session is dedicated to education. The young people put the wooden puzzle together as a team. Then gather around it as I discuss all nine events in the timeline. 

August 28th 2022- present

Doodle Journals Sessions

I have created a session that revolves around improving young peoples mental health through the arts. This teaches young people and adults how to check in on each other without the use of words.  

Thanks to Youth Scotland I have taught this creative session to young people all over Scotland. 


September 26th 2022- January 2023

Covid Memorial Mentee

After the board chose Resonate Together, Angela Watt's organization to run stage 1 of the Covid memorial project she created a mentoring program. A program where she could teach other local artists the skills they would need to run community outreach co-creation projects themselves.

I now have helped in a variety of local areas with gathering information from the public in relation to their experiences throughout the Covid lockdowns. Teaching me skills in engaging with the public. Growing my experience in public relations, communication in difficult times and recording others ideas without allowing my personal or creative opinions to impact their thoughts.

I also have taken part in the research myself filling out a variety of tasks relating to the mentee program. 

26th May 2022

Behind The Art Exhibition

A local exhibition that focuses on the artist alongside the artwork hosted by Resonate Together.

January 2022 - ongoing

Cliftops Project- Youth Artists Bursary

In December of 2021 I applied to a Youth Artists Bursary funded by Creative Scotland and run by Cliftops Projects. This was the biggest artistic undertaking of my career so far.

I created a huge interactive artwork dedicated to LGBTQ+ history within Scotland from the year of legalization. This artwork focuses on nine different main events alongside others over the years until 2022. 

I now offer this artwork up in sessions for young people to interact with and learn from. I use this large scale artwork as a tool for young people ages 13-25 and i am so grateful that I was trusted with such an important bursary. A bursary that has changed my career opportunities.

November 15th 2021- April 15th 2022

Covid Memorial Board member

I was asked to be a part of the local Covid memorial board for Clackmannanshire. The Covid memorial project is running in every local authority across Scotland and I helped to make decisions that would impact the start of this commemorative project.

December 3rd 2021

Made in Stirling Exhibition

BA(Hons) end of year class showcase. M first exhibition within the gallery space in Mae in Stirling. 
The artwork submitted is a concept sculpture dedicated to my time with Beechgrove Gardens and the Wimpy Park.

3rd August- Ongoing

Beechgrove Gardens

I have undertaken a variety of tasks whilsts taking part in the Beechgrove Gardens special. This includes designing the walled garden that is the Wimpy Park. Working collaboratively with Lynn Hill, a garden designer form the show. Also learning how to manage a team and condense ideas from a wide range and number of people into one streamlined drawing making the community group happy. There has also been on screen presenting allowing me to gain more skill in front of the camera rather than behind one.

10th August- Ongoing

Artlink Central- Flyway Exhibition

A mental health exhibition in both Shanghai and the Forth Valley Royal Hospital. Split between china and Scotland I have been so lucky to have work displayed within an exhibition dedicated to the destigmatisation of Mental illness.

7th July- 7th August 2021

Wimpy Park Project

A volunteering opportunity with Clackmannanshire council painting benches and planters within the Wimpy Park. This involves working with a variety of council staff and youth groups of ranging ages. Teaching me how to create with young peoples collaborations in mind and how to lead in group situations. This will brighten the areas and allow the groups working from the park because of the Covid-19 restrictions to be in a more stimulating environment.

5th july 2021- ongoing 

Macroberts Arthouse

The epic arts open call for the arts center 2021. A drawing featuring friends hugging after the legalization of hugs in the lifting of restrictions. My first show on the uni campus before I attend in september.

11th June 2021- ongoing

Online Degree Showcase

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions my last showcase with Forth Valley College was moved online. The work featured is my Body Dysmorphia major and minor.

21st May- 11th July 2021

Tolbooth Stirling

Displaying within the Foyer of the Tolbooth Stirling. As the degree show has been moved online due to the restrictions of Covid-19 I reached out to the Tolbooth. Thanks to the success of the Street Stories project I was given space within the venue to display two large scale drawings dedicated to body dysmorphia and its effects. This is my first solo exhibition and having this starting point in my career is a blessing.

15th April 2021- ongoing

Street Stories Project Stirling

This project features 4 out of the 7 Reaching Out drawings with an augmented reality aspect. 

They feature on an empty store front in Stirling city center as a way to improve the city center after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many store were forced to close leaving the cit looking bare and depleted.

My artwork gives thanks to the NHS mental health services based in Stirling for saving my life. It also shows those viewing the work they are not alone, giving the viewers access to a mental health helpline.

November 28th, 2019

Clacks Youth Voice Event

My first opportunity to show my work as an artist within my local community. I reached out to the organiser of the event and was given space for two pieces of work. I showcased my "reaching out" series alongside my "have a peek" environment. This event was a wonderful opportunity to gain contacts and see what other organisations ran within the area that could help me as an artist.

November 12th - 21st, 2019

Tollbooth Stirling Class Exhibition

My first group exhibition, held with my HND Contemporary Arts classmates. This was a big learning curve teaching me how to communicate with my team and those running a venue. It was also the most amazing feeling having my work within a gallery space for the first time. I realized very quickly that though the process and set up was stressful, I want to do this again, as many times as I can.

September 2018- June 2020

HND Contemporary Art Practice 

During my time studying at forth valley college I have gained a wide range of skills and technique. Such as, printmaking processes, sculpture techniques, photography and other digital skills. Alongside the ability to work with others and take criticism in a constructive manner. I achieved an A in each year of study which allowed me to progress to the BA degree this year.

April 26th 2018

 Stirling Castle Class Exhibition

My very first exhibition as a student. We were so lucky to have our work displayed within the Cathedral on the grounds of Stirling Castle.

Portfolio of Exhibitions

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 For more about the exhibitions I have undertaken and the other works click below. 


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