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Welcome to the Portfolio of Lou Carberry Art


The projects I have undertaken in 2023 has given me such a wide range experience. I have worked with amazing people on projects I never believed I would land. 

Now for what's next!

Check out the last couple years worth for work below.

Youth Work Sessions

Mental Health Check ins through Doodle Journals


 42 Years of Scottish Queer History.

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Exhibitions and Opportunities

Over the course of my studies I have taken part in a variety of opportunities and exhibitions. Doing an exhibition in each year of study allowed me to create an Artists CV that I could submit to gain further opportunities.
For more info on my past work see below or click the link to see my CV in full.

BA(Hons) Art and Design, Year 4

A term dedicated to working on one artwork leading up to our end of year showcase. A short timescale from September to the end of November.